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Farmown products

HOMEMADE and FRESH direct from our farm

At our farm you can enjoy homemade fresh farm products and of course buy.

Fresh productes from the Gasteiner valley

The products are produced with love - tasty farmer products from our own hand.
Products with long traditions, transmitted over generations, especially popular and high in taste.

The farmers are certainly behind their produce. You know what you have and you can taste it!

So, grab it! On our farm we burn ripe fruit to fine schnapps, noble spirits and tasty liqueurs.


Holidays with taste on Sieglreitgut

Homemade products with a lot of love

Fresh from Gastein

Traditional recipes

Contact & directions

Familie Seer
Sieglreitweg 3
5632 Dorfgastein
Tel.nb.: +43 (0) 6433 7406
Mail: info@sieglreitgut.at

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